Why our customers love their VEJRHØJ watches




A watch for a lifetime

We get so many compliments when our customers receive their new VEJRHØJ watch. They emphasize how our design are simple and minimalistic, yet stylish and unique. And that's exactly our design philosophy.

Our watches are made to be used for all occasions, work and everyday life. The wood gives the watch a warm feeling that you fall in love with. It's simply a watch for a lifetime.


Perfect as a gift for your loved one

A lot of our customers purchase our watches as gifts for their loved ones. Either for anniversaries or big celebrations such as weddings, graduation or important milestones. And the receivers are always happy. Here's a couple of quotes from our beloved customers.

梱包も丁寧で商品もオシャレでとても良いです!記念日のプレゼントにもピッタリです!」- Name

「大切な人に送る誕生日プレゼントに購入。とてもおしゃれで洗練されていて選んで正解でした」- Name

These are our bestsellers for women

The Rose

| Petite |
Feel the warmth of the walnut wood & rose gold. This beautiful watch is appealing to most women. It's suitable for both a black dress and a for your 'white t-shirt and jeans' look.

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Black & Gold

| Petite |
Our Black & Gold watch is the essence of elegance and simplicity. It’s one of our bestsellers and very popular. You will probably like it so much that you will start wearing it every day.

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| Petite |
The dial color of the Sakura watch makes you cheerful just by wearing it. You can clearly see the wooden grains which emphasizes the uniqueness of both you and the watch.

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Onboxing the ROSE

From our customers



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Popular in Japan

The VEJRHØJ brand has gained popularity in Japan since being the most successful analog crowdfunding project on Makuake in 2020.

Japan and the Nordics has a lot in common when it comes to design, craftsmanship and the love for nature.

“Our brand identity resonates in the simple yet unique detail to the design. Through our watches we hope to create an opportunity to deepen our connection to nature and establish harmony to our environment.” Says founder, Janus Aarup

We give back to nature




Timeless Nordic Minimalism

VEJRHØJ makes timeless Scandinavian design watches made out of wood and steel. We design watches with a deep respect for nature and natural materials. The watches can be worn by men across all ages due to it’s stylish timeless Scandinavian design.

We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we have an international team of dedicated design enthusiasts who even speak Japanese.

We offer free shipping and return for all Japanese customers.